Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Student dulu VS. Student sekarang...

Student dulu vs. Student sekarang….

“Adoiii!!!”(said my 15 months nephew)…perhaps it has been ages since I last write something here (it’s always the case). When I rewind to the time I was a student, not just the air was less polluted but how people behave is so different. Tak tahu la kenape tapi memang berbeza sgt (“totally different”; mcm izza sebut…ahakz). Never mind, let’s continue what has been kept in my thoughts for so long. When I was a liitle kid I still remember how we are afraid to even talk to our teachers (respect what I mean). Even sometimes I know that I would have to settle with a decision that I don’t really agree with. Ntahle mase tu things just work that way and almost every students share the same belief when it comes to respecting others. But looking and the younger generations nowadays; sedih and kecewa when as early as in pre-school they could say what they want to say to the teachers and justified further by the parents' visit to the school (sometimes, datang dengan lawyer sekali). What a good example showed by the parents (I know there’s nothing wrong of being protective and defensive but too much isn’t good for anything). Contrary to what happened during my time; I would never have the guts to tell my mom even if I’m caned by my teachers. The reason is simply because, my mom will always be the lawyer for my teachers (teachers are always right-memang mcm orang dulu-dulu). I know some said that old fashioned and lame for now, but for me interms of shaping a child’s behavior the traditional way are always better. There’s no need of clarification as social illnesses are alarming among the young generations; and rectification is urgently needed. So to my two nephews & my students regardless where you are, hopefully you could be someone who respect others and someone who are salute because of your good behavior. AMIN… (I'm sorry if the words are not well said, but it is my concern...yela ape akan terjadi to the younger generations?)


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