Monday, April 15, 2013

Living with never easy

When I first discover that I had to undergo a full blood test; the feeling was miserable...I was having self monologue session "am I that sick?"..."am I going to die?"...I could accept anything else, as I went to SUNMED initially for the purpose to justify my severe headache and body ache...after 3 tubes of blood drained out from my blood vessels I was getting more anxious...after hours of patience and anxiousness I was transferred from the ER to ordinary ward...I was happy at that moment as my mom was there to accompany me and I was given some rooms to relax in other words escapism from a "torture chamber"...mesti people who are reading this will be boggling what I mean by torture chamber; it is actually my workplace...lets continue with what happened after I was transferred to an ordinary first I was attended by a viral infectious disease expert until the result of the diagnosis was out..all of a sudden I was referred to an endocrinologist; a diabetics expert...Alhamdulillah god has sent someone to help me with the permanent life change... My glucose level at that time was 18, BP 180/101 and cholesterol 10...I was a bit depressed until the hospital had to send me for a counseling session as I was stress over work and now about my took few days for me to accept the fact that I'm no longer free to eat...everything has to be low sodium,low sugar, low carb and high fibre...there goes my favorite nasi lemak and pizza as well as fruit juices...finally I was attended by a dietician an luckily she is pretty that made me to be a little bit attentive listening to her advices and suggestions... From this narration and incident I've learned one most essential thing which is not to be stressful over unnecessary's time for me to manage my stress level...regular EXERCISE and healthy diet...LESSON LEARNED!!!time to adapt with my new life...

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