Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What else after graduating?

Waaahhh!!!…lamenye tak update blog...why??? sebenarnye malas and busy...but that is just a lame excuse....answering to my question...what else???HELL a lot of thing...sometimes just wish that i could GM(genitacally modify) my self so that i could stay at a particular age that i enjoyed most...is that possible??i don't think so...but never mind,lets continue with my story...anyway life after graduating has never been easy as you thought. Too many challenges perhaps…everything is about paying bills and the worse part would be pursuing my masters degree…paying bills is very taxing where in 10minutes time or perhaps in a blink of eye via maybank2u.com it's empty....aaaarrrgggghhhhh...stressful but its my responsibilities as a son and as to Allah S.W.T....regarding the master, i do feel that i better get started before it turns rusty; imean my brains... it will be very challenging due to the fact that working and studying is two tedious things but enjoyable…Mengajar versus Belajar…same verb but different task and responsibilities. For now I’m very happy with what the Almighty has provided for me and home HE would shower me with more blissful events and blessed me with good things…But my mind just can’t stop boggling about what’s next???what’s next???...am I on the right path???....Hopefully things will be fine and I will just follow the flow as I have faith that everything is already written and we plan but Allah determines….The end of my undergraduate life is just the beginning of my life…let’s color this new chapter with colorful things…One more thing I am grateful as I am always bless with good people surrounding and filling in the blanks in my life especially my family….same goes to my colleagues no matter where they are and my beloved students….But I still wonder why, a lot of students nowadays are rude and ungrateful??? I’m sad and curious and pissed off!!!!mixed mode…

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