Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010-hopefully the beginning of the triumph

My New Year Resolution for 2010 (hopefully I could attain all this) : Final edition for this year

  • I have to be persistent in every single thing I do especially my studies and graduate with the highest result I could get
  • I will always try to be a better person mentally, physically, emotionally and morally
  • I will continue the effort to reduce my weight
  • I will never make my mom sad and love her always and for eternity
  • I will appreciate and cherish my family
  • I will always remember and be more devoted to Allah
  • I will be grateful with anything
  • Have more saving in my account
  • Be employed maybe as a contract lecturer at INTEC (this is more to doa i guess amin)
  • Apply and continue for M.A program



  1. best wishes to you Ateff
    for 2010

  2. Thanx bro...really hope i could get lots of support for people like you....happy new year to you too...