Monday, March 1, 2010

Brain damage.....

Towards the end of the semester, everything is starting to get dirty and messy....assignments are swarming over the head and life can be so miserable with the countless da of sleeping on top of the burden of finalizing my A.E....Fiuh!!!!!Penatnye!!!!!!!!Somehow i think the root course is me.....Poor time management and the everlasting procastination thingy....This week is a bonus that i guess should be utilized to get back alligned to the plan i had scheduled and clean the mess and start finalizing my Chapter 4 & 5........God Help me with this semester and give me the strength to face this challenging life.....


  1. same here ateff..really hated the fact that things get sooooo messy towards the end..but the root problem pon mmg start from can't complain that much lah.. :P

    xpe2...we'll get through this!!!! :D

  2. Insya-Allah....All for one and one for all!!!