Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010-hopefully the beginning of the triumph

My New Year Resolution for 2010 (hopefully I could attain all this) : Final edition for this year

  • I have to be persistent in every single thing I do especially my studies and graduate with the highest result I could get
  • I will always try to be a better person mentally, physically, emotionally and morally
  • I will continue the effort to reduce my weight
  • I will never make my mom sad and love her always and for eternity
  • I will appreciate and cherish my family
  • I will always remember and be more devoted to Allah
  • I will be grateful with anything
  • Have more saving in my account
  • Be employed maybe as a contract lecturer at INTEC (this is more to doa i guess amin)
  • Apply and continue for M.A program


Friday, December 4, 2009

Sometimes it’s tiring to be fat...

Just can’t describe how tired I am physically and mentally to hold the BMI reading of an overweight person. Back when I was in upper secondary, my weight was just nice and I was very happy at that particular moment of my life. I was free to do anything without any physical limitations, and more energetic. But that was just my past history. Due to pressure in life or I take it as a test from god, I gained so much weight nearly 50kilos...Sad but no regrets!!(nabi x suke umat die menyesal). It’s quite pathetic to put the blame on the situation, so let me take the responsibility on my overweight problem and clean the mess starting from now. When i exercise I tend to face the joint pains which only fat people will face this and sometimes my heart beats really fast and feels like vomiting whenever i forced my body to work beyond it's capability or when i rigorously work out....this had never happened to me before....(rase mcm nak nagis)... Sometimes some human just love to humiliate fat people and I felt that especially when I’m in the family gathering...They will start saying like “ish ko ni sehat skrg” (even the word “sehat” has it’s implied meaning) add the icing every time the food is served people will say this ”ha simpan sket utk org belakang” or when the food container is empty they will assume that the fat guy has eaten it all, so phrase like "ko no peti ais ke ape?"..This is so not fair..I’m tired of all this criticism by those who used their ass when they talk instead of their brains..There are no single fat person on this earth like to be that way...I’m seriously tired of this prejudice and discrimination towards fat guys or girls...WHY???I’m extremely tired when I had to ask for extra large size clothes when i go for shopping and usually left me with despair and frustration especially during big sales...DAMN!!!I’m really tired of all this!!!

Now I’m starting to adapt with not eating rice at all and i have to continue this for a year so that I can go back into my ideal weight...Just can’t bare of being overweight anymore...Ya Allah please give me the strength to follow this diet religiously so that I will be free from being an overweight 22 years old guy and benefits my health...hopefully i will get the support from my family and friends to reach my goal...