Sunday, October 11, 2009

More weekends...

I guess sometimes the time we have for weekends is too limited...Even some said that it is the matter of spending quality time not quantity...I however propose that we should have "Ahad 2" because it would be wonderful!!The fact that sometimes the 2 days of weekends that we are having is insufficient made me all of the sudden thought of this issue...Just imagine that if we could have 3 days of weekends, we could spend more time with our family and friends...more time to shop, to eat, to sleep and lots more...Isn't it?or maybe it is just me thinking of this silly proposal....hehehe...I hated so much when on every saturday we could only spend less than 12 hours because usually for those who are working, saturday would probably be the best day to "Qada'" their precious sleeping momments...The worse part is when some of them had to work on alternate saturday.....FIUH!!!How i wish this proposal could be accepted by the parliment!!!(even though i know it is impossible)...However this is just my view and perceptions and i'm sure a lot of disagreement will arise.....The more the marrier and the more weekends the happier!!!

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